About Neutral Style Home


About Neutral Style Home


Neutral Style Home Furnishings and Décor starts at the beginning – an effortless and beautiful palette.”


Neutral Style Home is owned by Hanna White, who lives with her family in a Northern Suburb of Atlanta. Her love of creating a comfortable and beautiful home for her family has been one of her passions. It is why she wanted to offer a place for others to shop for furnishings that still displayed a more boutique approach. When it came to decorating her home, she has discovered it is best to focus on a neutral palette. Then, after you have purchased some great pieces, add a splash of color to break it up. But don’t get her wrong, Neutral Style Home will never be boring! Growing up in the furniture business, Hanna knows quality when she sees it and works with the top manufacturers to offer the best for her clients.


Since most items are hand-picked by the store or influenced by top interior designers, you can rest assured you will find something amazing. Whether a shopper is looking for the latest trend in lighting or a fabulous, yet functional dining room table, Hanna and her team research the best that the home furnishings market has to offer. The goal is to provide a comfortable and fresh place for you to find all the furnishings and decor needed to create a welcoming, all the while fashionable home.


When asked what Hanna’s Top Tips are for decorating and purchasing furniture for a home, here is what she says:


1) Start with a great area rug! You can find paint to match any floor coverings and build from the bottom up.


2) Don’t be afraid to mix rustic with modern - “There is nothing worse than matchy, matchy.”


3) There was a time when you had to and were almost shunned if you didn’t use only silver fixtures. Now it’s so fun to add back gold and other metallic into a table, vase, sofa accents, etc.


4) While Neutral Style Home obviously focuses on “Neutral”, add a splash of blue or other color to add abstract.


5) Baskets and Storage Trunks are a great way to add to an empty corner of a room but hide your seasonal décor. Then just grab in each room instead of lugging up from “that room” no one really wants to go into.


6) Bright, light, and airy always makes you feel happier than dark, bold colors. Don’t go overboard with large dark pieces of furniture or wall paint.


7) Fresh flowers and houseplants always!