Wired, Woven, or Hand-Weaved, Neutral Style Home offers a variety of the top designs in functional and eye-appealing baskets.


All throughout history, humans have been creating and utilizing baskets for everyday use. The basket weaving process is one of the most ancient forms of art and were used for many functions. Depending on the geographical requirements of the basket weavers would depend on the style, tightness of weave, and size. Fishing, harvesting and storage where some of the top reasons why historically baskets were needed.


Similar to long ago, we also use baskets for functional purposes. Many designers have created amazing pieces that serve as storage and decor at the same time. You will find that Neutral Style Home offers hand-woven for the classic style basket to wired for more of a modern take. Whatever your interior style demands, we have picked our favorites to share with you.


What are some great ways to utilize your baskets?

  • Store holiday decorations by room for easy access but hidden away until it's time to decorate.
  • Purchase a few different styles and display as a focal point for any room in your home.
  • Place a few rolled up throws inside and set next to your fireplace or couch for an instant cozy atmosphere.
  • Grab some brass tags and rings at your local hardware store, label with stickers and place your kids video games, board games, toys, etc. by subject. You could also attach metal address numbers for some added interest.
  • Purchase larger baskets and put your favorite plant in. Not only is it esthetically pleasing, but is a great way to purify indoor air.



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