Decor & Accents

Decor & Accents

Neutral Style Home offers amazing home decor and accents to compliment any room in your home!


An empty shelf or mantle may be haunting you as it screams "I need to be filled"! A corner full of clutter needs to be hidden with style! Don't just add a basic piece, but find something amazing through many Home Decor and Accents that have been hand picked from designers all over the U.S. Whether it is a conversation item for your home, or a gift for a loved one, Neutral Style Home is excited to offer the latest in home decor and accents.


Update or add to your home with the below key pieces that are must-haves for any room and for any style.


1) Cool bookends that may not serve the purpose of holding books in place but as actual decor.

2) A collection of unique vases with small amounts of fresh flowers in each one.

3) Every room should have an item that may be a little "off", like a silver crocodile head. Sounds crazy, but it works!

4) Storage boxes that can store anything and add an organized style to any room without the clutter.

5) Baskets next to the fireplace or couch filled with cozy blankets is just the right touch for a cool evening.